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Farmers Market 101: A Guide For Beginners

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          Regardless of the season, you are sure to find a public market around your area selling an abundance of vibrant fruits, vegetables, and other homemade crafts. A great way to get out with your loved ones, farmers markets offer a day of fun and trying new foods you may not get elsewhere. Some farmers markets even have people cooking food demonstrations. These markets come in all shapes and sizes and can consist of farmers markets, general open markets, or just your local produce connoisseur selling vibrant fruit and vegetables on the corner. There are many benefits that come with shopping local, including but not limited to:

  1. Better tasting food
  2. Get more nutrition for your money (longer time spent on shelf, more product handling = decreased nutrient quality)
  3. Your ability to meet the farmer that grew and harvested your food
  4. You are supporting local businesses
  5. Increases your chances of eating more fruits and vegetables

Now that we have gone over some benefits of shopping at your local public markets, let us get into some helpful pointers that will take your shopping experience to the next level.

Please note: prices vary at different farmers markets. Some markets sell their produce at an exponentially lower price than supermarkets, and there are some that have price points higher than typical supermarket prices. The best way to know is to ask the locals, doing your research, or by trial and error.

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Pre/Post Workout Fueling Strategies

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          “What should I eat before and after a workout?” We get asked this question by many fitness enthusiasts and also those starting out on their health and fitness journey. Before giving recommendations and strategies, we first would like to note that what you consume and how much you consume, depends on your goals, as well as, type, intensity, and length of your exercise. With that being said, there are some general guidelines we believe are beneficial to maximizing your exercise performance. In this article, we will break down fueling strategies for pre and post workout.

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One-Time Water Bottle Vs. Reusable Water Bottle: Match of the Year

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          Most Americans have access to clean water, yet we are the number one consumer of bottled water worldwide. We, as Americans, use an average of 50 billion water bottles each year, and that number is slowly climbing. What attracts people to water bottles? Is it the convenience? Is it because bottled water is perceived as being cleaner than tap water, or water from a fountain? Do people think the financial impact is minimal, therefore why worry about it? Have you ever thought of the impact bottled water has on you and the environment that surrounds you? In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of ditching that “one and done” water bottle and picking up a reusable BPA-free water bottle (we will discuss “BPA free” later in this article).

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Hydrate Yourself to a Better You: 5 Hacks for Staying Hydrated in 2017

“Water sucks, it really, really sucks” is a classic line from The Waterboy Movie. Unbeknownst to the viewers, the waterboy is as important to the team as the quarterback. Think about it, if the quarterback does not stay hydrated he can start feeling fatigued, dehydrated or even have a heat stroke. If he experiences these symptoms, which many people encounter when not properly hydrated, he can not perform to his full potential. Who supplies the water? THE WATERBOY!!! Not only is hydration important for athletes, staying hydrated is important for everyone, including you. Staying hydrated can help maintain focus, keep joints healthy, and can prevent you from consuming excess calories that can contribute to undesired weight gain.

So what are the hacks to staying hydrated in 2017?

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