First, let’s be honest. Seeking professional advice from a Registered Dietitian (RD) may not be the cheapest option when trying to reach your health and fitness goals. To seek help from these nutrition gurus, prices range anywhere from $60-$200 per session. Ask yourself this, “Is my health worth it?”. If you say yes, then check out our website for more information on how to get started. If you are still on the fence about seeing an RD, continue reading this article and see for yourself why talking with an RD is a no-brainer. Being registered dietitians ourselves, we wanted to write this article to show you that going this route is well worth the cost.

Individuals seeking nutritional help to meet their health and fitness goals tend to get lured into flashy online marketing by “health coaches” or weight loss supplements, aka the easy quick fix. “Stop eating certain foods you like and you’ll lose x number of pounds in 2 weeks” can sound more appealing than “Sorry, there is no weight loss secret. You can eat the foods you love in moderation, along with a balanced diet and lose the same x pounds, but over time”. We get it. But ask yourself this, which of the aforementioned statements sounds like something that you can maintain long term as a healthy lifestyle change, resulting in continued results and not just a one time fix?

Let’s first look at what a Registered Dietitian has to accomplish prior to practicing the science and art of nutrition:

  • RD’s must graduate from an accredited university and have a four-year degree, or higher, in nutrition, exercise physiology, public health or other health-related field.
  • RD’s complete a six month to one year long ACEND-accredited internship in community nutrition, clinical nutrition, food service management and other specialty areas of nutrition.
  • RD’s must pass a national examination administered by the Commission of Dietetic Registration.
  • RD’s are required to complete continuing professional education requirements to maintain registration and keep up to date with nutrition-related practices.

It is safe to say that the majority of us in this profession know a thing or two about making sustainable lifestyle changes for the better. The beauty behind an RD is that we take the science of nutrition and translate it in a way that people can ea digest – pun intended ;). Dietitians also wear many hats and are skilled in many ways. We wear the hat of a chef, manager, leader, educator, counselor, motivator, and even researcher. We are trained in all facets related to food and nutrition, which makes us great candidates to get all the information pertaining to nutrition.

Instead of showing you what to eat, like many online entities, an RD shows you how to eat. How to make healthier choices. How  to overcome obstacles that may come in your way. How to build a loving relationship to food. How to include healthy options and still enjoy the foods you love. This is only possible through building great rapport with a person (face-to-face), and finding out what works for them. Instead of changing your food choices, we try and see what is the root behind your food choices (stress, boredom, lack of knowledge, etc.) and work on that first. This is something that many online programs may not offer. You simply sign up, pay a certain amount (which can cost more than seeing a dietitian), and you get a “program” that is supposed to work. There is no face-to-face assessments or personability behind it.

If you are on the fence about seeing a registered dietitian, I hope this article helps with determining if a dietitian is well worth the price. The real question now is, how serious are you about attaining your goals? You decide.

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