I wanted to share with you my top 5 kitchen must-haves for every kitchen. These tools are perfect for those starting out in the kitchen in one way or another. Whether you’re a grad fresh out of school, or a young professional starting your life on your own, these tools are a great starter kit to being a successful home cook. Yes, there are other “kitchen accessories” that help make cooking a little easier, but these 5 tools are the bare necessities. I will go over my top 5 kitchen accessories in a later blog. So let’s jump right in!

  1. Chef knife– Nothing beats a SHARP chef knife. I emphasize the word SHARP because dull will not cut it (literally). Believe it or not, using a dull knife increases the chances of you cutting yourself, which is never fun. Using a sharp knife allows you to slice through foods with ease, and allows you to be precise with your cuts. Whether you need to chop, dice, slice, or julienne, a chef knife does it all. When picking out a chef knife, do not just go off of looks. Hold the knife. Feel the weight of the knife. Cut with the knife. Find what feels right for you. I use a 10in @miyabi_usa chef knife.
  2. Cutting Board– Cutting boards are the foundation in which you work on. Having a solid cutting board allows you to do all your prep work in a localized spot. I am drawn toward larger, heavier, thicker blocks because of how sturdy they are. Again, this is all based on preference. I use a 16” x 10” x 1” @johnboosco maple cutting board.
  3. Skillet/frying pan– This is such a versatile instrument in the kitchen. You can fry, sauté, braise, and even make sauces. There are many different types out there, but the two I think every kitchen should have is a stainless steel and cast iron. One or the other will do just fine. I especially like these two because you can finish proteins, like steak and chicken, in the oven without ruining the pans. I use a 10” @allclad fry pan and a 12” @lodgecastiron skillet
  4. Sauce pan– A sauce pan is one of those tools you may not think is essential. If you’re not making sauces on the reg, you may be wondering “what purpose does it serve?”. This is a great vessel for not only sauce making, but for boiling, steaming, blanching, and depending on the size, you can even make a small batch of stock. Another great use for a sauce pan is making light, fluffy scrambled eggs. It allows eggs to cook slowly so you can really manage them and incorporate ingredients that make them delish. I use a medium @tfalusa non-stick sauce pan.
  5. Silicone spatula– I personally like the silicone spatulas because they are light and flexible, making cooking with them, very easy. They are also very durable, so they can last for a while. There are many different types and sizes out there, so just pick one that you like. If possible, be sure to remove the silicone part when cleaning so you can clean the entire handle. You can find these almost anywhere.

So there you have it! I have a plethora of other tools I find essential, but if you are just starting out in the kitchen, these are a MUST to have. In a later post, I will go over some other important kitchen tools that every home cook should have. Until then, I’ll see you in the kitchen!